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4th Generation Family Farm

When the Goschie family arrived in America, they sought to meld their Old World commitment to quality with the technological opportunities of the New World. Those dual focuses, in conjunction with a passion for sustainability handed down in the Pacific Northwest by our Native predecessors, form the heart of Goschie Farms.

A large hop-yard in the Willamette Valley's Goschie Farms around sunset, showing rows of sustainably grown Oregon hops


Goschie Farms is nestled against the hills of Silverton in Oregon’s beautiful Willamette Valley. It’s current location was established by Herman and Vernice Goschie, only a few miles away from the original homestead where the first hops were planted and harvested in 1904. We’ve been a fixture in the local growing community since those first shoots went into the ground, nearly 130 years ago.


Goschie Farms is now managed year-round by three of Herman and Vernice’s children: Gordon, Gayle, and Glenn. They’re joined by an ever-growing team of bright and hard-working laborers, mechanics, administrators, and agronomists, all of whom are passionate about producing the highest-quality crops in the region. If you’re interested in joining the talented team at Goschie Farms, feel free to reach out and let us know!

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As Goschie Farms has continued to grow, we’ve been fortunate enough to work with some of the most beloved breweries, wineries, and other food producers around. Nothing is more exciting than inviting a talented brewer or winemaker to visit the farm so they can feel the soil and see all of the hard work and care that goes into producing the crops that will one day make their way into glasses around the world.


There’s a good chance you’ve consumed something that was grown on Goschie Farms, and an even better chance that you enjoyed it!

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