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An overhead shot of the headquarters of Goschie Farms, a sustainable hop and winegrape farm in Oregon's Willamette Valley


At Goschie Farms we grow some of the finest hops, winegrapes, and specialty crops in the world. The fertile soil of the Willamette Valley, with no small amount of hard-work and ingenuity from our team, helps us to produce high quality ingredients that go into some of the highest-quality foods and beverages on the market. 


And we insist on doing it the right way. Frequently cited as a gold standard for sustainable farming practices, Goschie Farms was the first hop farm in the nation to be certified as Salmon-Safe, and we’re immensely proud that we now grow all of our crops in accordance with Salmon-Safe guidelines. 


Goschie Farms is also a notable collaborator with industry research, having frequently worked with scientists and researchers from Oregon State University, the USDA, and the NRCS, in addition to several other organizations, to improve the health of Oregon crops and expand the amount of information available to other growers and industry partners to improve and enhance crops and land use across the region

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