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We’re big believers that what you get out of the earth is informed by what you put into it. From the beginning, we’ve been intent on learning as much as we could to utilize our land responsibility so it will continue to pay dividends for centuries to come.

In the early days of our stewardship, we focused our efforts on Salmon-Safe certification for every acre of hops we farmed back in 2007 and can now proudly say that every single acre of every crop farmed by Goschie Farms is certified as Salmon-Safe. We also were an early adopter of micro-irrigation in Oregon. Aside from those accomplishments, we have implemented so much more. Our goal is to consistently look for better ways to protect our planet while producing high quality crops. Sustainability is constantly at the forefront of our decision-making. 


To promote a healthy environment for all, we strive to push the boundaries and reduce our overall inputs towards our crops. This focus allows the enhancement of beneficial insect populations naturally present on the farm, allowing those predators to do the work for us!

A ladybug, a beneficial insect recruited to assist in sustainable farming, sits atop a green leaf at Oregon's Goschie Farms,
A cluster of young clover planted between field rows as a cover crop at Goschie Farms, a sustainable farm in western Oregon


Cover crops in our fallow areas and hop rows are lush beneficial habitats. Throughout the years we try to find the best cover crop mix that is low growing, great habitat for beneficial insects, and will not increase disease pressure. These cover crops allow us to reduce tillage and erosion, conserve soil moisture, all while ultimately enhancing overall soil health. In our fallow fields, we find the best mix to support our pollinators while increasing our soil organic matter for future crops.


Bees are a learning tool to use softer chemistries in tandem with our ecological infrastructure. We are thankful for our long-term relationship with apiculturist Leo Rumley, Pacific Honeybee.

Due to the 2020 fires in the foothills of our valley, bees were lost. The bees that used to call Goschie Farms home were called into action to re-populate these areas that lost their bee populations. We thank them for their service and look forward to their return home!

A bee approaches a red clover flower at Goschie Farms in Oregon's Willamette Valley, assisting in sustainable pollination
The Salmon-Safe logo indicating that Goschie Farms is committed to sustainable farming protecting Northwestern watersheds


Goschie Farms is proud to be the first hop farm in the nation to be certified as Salmon-Safe. Salmon-Safe certification indicates that our farming practices have been reviewed and regarded as designed and implemented to protect the quality of our water and local watershed, and restore and promote a healthier habitat for the wildlife in the rivers of the Pacific Northwest.


As water becomes an increasingly precious resource in the West, we plan to continue to pave the way for responsible water usage in agriculture for years to come. Look for a Salmon-Safe logo the next time you're shopping PNW-grown products!

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