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Spring is in the Air (and the Aisles!)

We were thrilled to be asked to partner with our friends at Deschutes Brewery on a new beer for their IPAck, a variety pack full of their best IPAs. Grower Direct, a farm-focused IPA featuring Goschie hops, can now be found in grocery stores across the nation, including chains like Costco, Kroger, Safeway, and Alberston’s, in the Deschutes variety IPAck.

Photo of a bottle of Deschutes Goschie Farms Grower Direct IPA
Deschutes' Goschie Farms Grower Direct IPA is available in stores now!

Featuring Strata, Centennial, and Cascade hops all grown at Goschie Farms, this special beer is available only for a limited time, so try to get your hands on some soon. While this light and bright IPA is a welcome refreshment as the weather starts to warm up, we’re especially excited that Deschutes is using the Grower Direct beer series to highlight hop growers like Goschie Farms as well as hops in general. The combination of the Goschie hops featured in this new beer give it a fruit-forward, citrus twist that will probably surprise you. It’s a celebration of the light-touch we use in sustainably farming our unique aroma hops, and it’s wonderful that Deschutes is taking that celebration to tables across the country. Deschutes is a proudly Oregonian brewery, and at Goschie Farms we are proudly Oregonian hop growers. This special collaboration acts as a springtime trip across this wonderful state, we know you’ll love it.



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